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Zuma Dogg Runs Down Fraud, Waste & Abuse on KNBC/TV (18 minute unfettered rundown/rant)

@HeatPolitics on ALL VIDEOS: City Hall/Public Comment, TV Appearances, Cable Comedy Show ZD’s “Hall Of Fame” Blog Posts FEDERAL JUDGE RULES Los Angeles City Council Broke U.S. Law in … Continue reading

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Marketing Warfare/Immutable Laws of Marketing – Introduction to Al Ries & Jack Trout

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Talk Show Topics for Monday January, 05, 2015 – via @HeatPolitics on Twitter (in this embedded blog post.)

RECENT TWEETS (01.05.15) – @HeatPolitics tweet stream is embedded at, along with LIVE STREAM/Videos/Podcasts/Everything. Get to know our media personality/host in his first rant of the new year 2015. … Continue reading

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January 01, 2015: – Intro/Welcome Video (First Rant from Santa Monica Beach Remote Studio)

Welcome to the new People in Los Angeles will recognize our host, Zuma Dogg, from #LACityNews/#LADailyBlog/#LosAngeles #CityHall/#CityCouncil gadfly/blogging/activism. Check FEDERAL JUDGE RULES Los Angeles City Council Broke U.S. Law in … Continue reading

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Bio/Press/Reviews of’s “Zuma Dogg” (The “Wayne’s World” of L.A. Street Reality TV)

Zuma Dogg is creator/inventor/pioneer of the non-scripted/hand-held camera, reality show (comedy/pop culture); then, became the most recognized and respected political activism legend in Los Angeles City history. [#Quotes=earned hard way.] … Continue reading

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FREE SPEECH CRACKDOWN in L.A.: #LAUSD Investigative Gadfly/Watchdog Who EXPOSED iPad Debacle NOW Being PROSECUTED on BOGUS Charges!

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“Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points (Introduction to Quality & Productivity/Innovation) – VIDEO & READ (“Well done” – Dr. W.E. Deming!)

[Pictured: The author and candidate at South L.A. People’s Candidate Forum] Interpreting W. Edwards Deming’s 14 Points (Methods for Management of Quality and Productivity) by Zuma Dogg  This synopsis captures … Continue reading

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