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Kinda like if Jim Carrey became unwitting political activist/gadfly vs Los Angeles City Hall. The whole situation became political city legend/history, in the truest sense. “A cross between curiosity and crusader, fighting for free speech rights.” – L.A. Mayor Garcetti in Los Angeles Times (MORE TO COME FROM HEAT POLITICS & ZD!) Ask around L.A. City Hall/Sacramento/local L.A. newsrooms about, “Zuma Dogg.” (Again, more to come…)

“Zuma Dogg” Bio/Press:

Former BDS/Radio Director; Z100-NY/Research Director; Billboard Magazine/Director of Charts (Hot 100).

Published on Deming’s 14 Points (Q&P): “Well Done” – Dr. W E Deming.

Published on Marketing Strategy Warfare: “You expanded on our ideas in very interesting ways.” – Al Ries (Co-Author “Marketing Warfare/Etc.)

“Your ‘Interpreting Deming’s 14 Points,’ is Fabulous” – Tony Robbins

“I’m a big fan. I enjoyed your article. Let’s talk.” – Bob Pittman/CEO, iHeart/Clear Channel

Zuma Dogg created concept for E! Entertainment Television, as developed by Bob Pittman, for Time-Warner.

L.A. City Hall Political #WatchDogg/Media Personality: “Legend”/KABC; “Heroic”/KRLA; “More brilliance than Brietbart. An L.A. Icon”/LA Weekly; “Stunned and amazed. We’ve never seen anything like him.”/LA Times

Covered/Quoted by ABC Nightline/Good Day LA/Howard Stern Show/KNBC, KABC, KCBS, KCAL, KCET (PBS), FOX11 TV News.

Placed 3rd of 9 challengers for L.A. Mayor vs Villaraigosa in ’09 (10,000 votes=$0.00 spent. Just the mere appearance of name on ballot, free media and public appearances.

Beat L.A. City Hall in FEDERAL COURT on Civil Rights/1st Amendment/Constitutional Issues. (A victory for all people of/in America.)

Full page article on Mr. Dogg in LA Times & LA Weekly. Seen/Heard on LA TV/Radio several hundred times. AND, Zuma Dogg is, “A very funny comedian.” – Howard Stern. POLITICS by comedic ranter=HEAT POLITICS!


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