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Talk Show Topics for Monday January, 05, 2015 – via @HeatPolitics on Twitter (in this embedded blog post.)

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Get to know our media personality/host in his first rant of the new year 2015. (HILARIOUS!)

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  1. w : @Oprah (no conservative) says young black protesters=not focused/no message=THEY attack Oprah, instead of evolving.

  2. ONE name ALWAYS mentioned, by EVERY talk show host, along with BIG BRAND NAME / presidential possibilities IS=@ScottWalker.

  3. LIVE STEAM, ON-AIR! Like Bravo channel, catch L.A. gadfly EXPOSE L.A. City Hall corruption, on LIVE TV: 

  4. NEWS/TALK: @NYPost reveals “shake downs”=to NOT speak out, as well. WHAT if it’s YOUR issue he squashes? 

  5. =twisted attitude of (old) people/60s-70s. Mocking Stallone/McCartney for new projects. I say, “inspiring!” Spirit doesn’t age.

  6. # @TruthRevoltOrg post that summarizes . This shit REALLY pisses me off, and is gonna backfire on blacks: 

  7. TOO FAR: fan kicked out of stadium, for tweeting he was gonna run onto field. WHAT if he didn’t/just talk/If so=security stops him.

  8. How come when a mayor is OUT of the closet, they mention it; but when we now have an IN the closet mayor, in L.A., no one says anything. Hmm

  9. MOST FUN you can have, considering topic is . Political/Social/Pop Culture rants by L.A.’s cable TV, “Icon. 

  10. @RealJamesWoods: I’m L.A. cable, real-life, “Wayne’s World,” type; who became unwitting L.A. political, “icon.” Check 

  11. A LOT of political/social talk, about to pop off. Cumulus Media says mixing in more pop culture talk. Here’s MY show: 

  12. In L.A.=City Hall was breaking CIVIL RIGHTS LAWS=PREVENTING BLACK INCOME + they pilfer/waste what blacks should get. =IGNORANT

  13. I’m here to say, FO SHO, some RATIONAL black folks better speak out against cause they are isolating/setting selves WAY back!

  14. @BluegrassPundit I don’t drink alcohol; but LOVE this, “How To Get Through DUI checkpoint w/out rolling down window! 

  15. NEW: @HeatPolitics blog: Good intro to politics, BEYOND D.C. soap opera/Drudge stuff=Nuts&Bolts of fraud/waste/abuse: 

  16. Nice day in haven /, CA (Alice In Wonderland 2015). Women in Nikes or boots. Dudes saunter in flip-flops.

  17. TX Republican @RepLouieGohmert to challenge drunken-stupor, crony, @SpeakerBoehner for Speaker chair. I vote, “AYE!” BOUNCE BOEHNER!

  18. I live retired beach life=don’t care if u hate me after my first 2015 video. I was in cranky mood. HILARIOUS RANT 

  19. Street talk used to be more gangsta. Remember, “Don’t MAKE me put a boot up yo azz!” Now, it’s, “Don’t make me swat you with my flip flop.”

  20. Saw w yoga mat texting. I said, “THAT’S kinda conflicting.” Ms. Zen=IMMEDIATELY snaps/flips out at me=further proving my point.

  21. There wouldn’t be rock & roll, without black people; and, there wouldn’t be rap music, without white people. ChuckB->Beatles. ASmith->RunDMC

  22. say old, white guys=flippin’ out cause they never heard of McCartney. NO problem with THAT/Relentless pushing of issue=strange.

  23. When I saw JLennon present ChuckBerry, to young audience, I sure didn’t say=”never heard of old, black Chuck Berry.”

  24. LOVE my liberal SantaMonica hood. Moms push five year olds in strollers, so kid can watch iPad, so mom can talk/text on phone=undisturbed.

  25. @Oprah, much as your Sbucks socialist campaign sickened me; CONGRATS on comments on today’s protesters=Don’t let irrational minds silence u.

  26. @BluegrassPundit Asks, “Who had worst year? Johnathan Gruber? I’ll be like and go with collective group of people: “Americans”


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