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Kinda like if Jim Carrey became unwitting political activist/gadfly vs Los Angeles City Hall. The whole situation became political city legend/history, in the truest sense. “A cross between curiosity and crusader, … Continue reading

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“KINGPIN!”: Hollywood TV Script About REAL LIFE L.A. City Hall Corruption (Based on real insider info/actual news headlines)

“KINGPIN!”: Hollywood TV script, based on real L.A. City Hall corruption. Based on real insider info/news headlines. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. Villaraigosa was mayor, during this era. You do the math.

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Without the usual #ZumaDogg hoopla/third-person dialogue, if he had to win you over, without any of the hype & fanfare he usually relies on, here are some recent LIVE streams … Continue reading

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FEDERAL JUDGE RULES Los Angeles City Council Broke U.S. Law in Censorship of The Public (READ RULING) – UNITED STATES/CALIFORNIA/FEDERAL/COURT: FEDERAL RULING (AUGUST 08, 2013) – Zuma Dogg vs Los Angeles City Council: “It is unconstitutional to restrict speakers from making personal attacks in City Council … Continue reading

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Zuma Dogg on #OBAMA: “Fast & Furious” to “ISIS—>IN THE HOUSE!!!” L.A.’s Most Recognized Political Blogger — NEW VIDEO on YouTube!

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Zuma Dogg Breaks Down The #Obama Timeline, in light of his announcement of Federal Investigation of U.S. Police Departments. Retweeted by Big Government @biggovt · 9h Report: Obama Orders Federal…

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Welcome to the new LIVE STREAM & PODCASTS (VIDEO/AUDIO/READS) by L.A.’s most respected and recognized media personality/blogger/investigator/city hall insider. Here is a nice sample of recent video/audio streams (Aka: … Continue reading

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